Courtney Wood Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Bio and Profile

Courtney Wood Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Bio and Profile: Courtney Wood is the Owner of a novelty gifts company from Essex, England. He is currently appear in popular British TV reality show The Apprentice season 12 as contestant. The twelfth series of the Apprentice was announced by the BBC and is due to start on 6 October 2016. Applications for a twelfth series were opened in November 2015, before recently closing. The show again moved to Autumn to avoid clashes with the UEFA Euro 2016, 2016 EU Referendum and the 2016 Summer Olympics occurring during the Summer. Get here complete information about Courtney Wood wiki, biography, age, height, girlfriend, bio and profile, and many more details.

Courtney Wood Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Bio and Profile

Courtney Wood Wiki, Courtney Wood Biography, Courtney Wood Age, Courtney Wood Height, Courtney Wood Girlfriend, Courtney Wood Bio, Courtney Wood Profile

Courtney Wood Bio

Courtney Wood Wiki and Biography: Courtney Wood is a 29 years old businessman from Essex, England. Courtney designs and creates novelty gifts which he supplies to national and international retailers. He describes himself as fun with a positive attitude, and believes that his confidence is one of his strongest attributes. Courtney says he is not one to sit back, and plans to assert his authority in the process. He thinks his cut-throat tactics will help him reach the top. She said, “How would I describe myself in one sentence? I’ll give you one word: awesome.”

The Apprentice Contestant: Courtney Wood is currently appear on BBC One’s popular game reality show as contestant and he ready for every task given by Lord Sugar.

Girlfriend: Courtney Wood is not dating anyone, he is completely single.

Courtney Wood Bio:

  • Name: Courtney Wood
  • Occupation: Owner of a novelty gifts company
  • Age: 29
  • From: Essex, England
  • Nationality: British

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